Scorched Skin (1962)

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Scorched Skin

Scorched Skin

Scorched Skin    Oct 18, 1962

N/A 1962 98 min Drama

Not rated yet

Elsa Martinelli, Raoul Grassilli, Franco Sportelli



The love affair between Andrea (R. Grassilli), laborer from the italian northern area called Bassa Lombarda and apulian single mother, Rosaria (E. Martinelli), is grafted on the background of the inconveniences of poor commuters who must go to work in Milan by train. Written by Carlo Castellaneta it's the debut of a gifted cinema amateur, one of the rare films looking at a proletarian environment during the italian economic boom: in an unpretentious presentation you might have been served too much thematic 'meat', but for sure it's a film rich in psychological contents and tradition connotations, with an aching pathos but without ideological heaviness.

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